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RAMS Engineering Services, Engineering Outsourcing and EMC

  • RAMS and ILS Engineering
  • Engineering Outsourcing and Head Hunting
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility, EMC
  • CE marking specialist
  • Quality Processes, OHS, and technical documentation

RAMS studies and analysis

We develop RAMS studies (Reliability, Availability, Maitenability, Safety)  and LCC (Life Cycle Cost) for railway, aeronautical, automotive and energy sectors. Risk Analysis.

Turnkey or integrated into the client's work team, we develop the RAMS analysis, Safety Case, PHA / FMECA / FTA / Hazard Log studies (with own software and tools) and V&V activities (Verification and Validation), according to the industry regulations, including management and interface with the Independent Safety Assessor (ISA) . Read more >>

RAM experts and Railway Safety: CENELEC regulations EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, regulation UE 402/2013 (2015/1136), LCC (Life Cycle Cost) analysis

Services on Product Validation and Homologation

We specialize in the design, consulting, execution and reporting of tests, installation tests, mechanical, electrical and electronic equipment for validation, approval or certification with a comprehensive management

  • Systems, installations and products: railway, energy, pharma, automotive, industrial and consumption.
  • Documentation and review of internal tests to increase solvency and credibility: "Leedeo Checked".
  • Consultancy on CE marking.
Design of tests according to requirements and regulations (test plan), identification of improvements, management and search of test laboratories (cost, deadlines and services), test execution, document management and the accrediting entity, including installation, monitoring and Pilot documentation (prototype tests). 
Validation of railway products 

Complete management of the homologation process  of railway products in accordance with technical regulations and normatives, giving comprehensive turnkey support to companies in compliance with the procedure for validation and receipt of railway products. Read more>>

Providing the best know-how to railway companies in DeBo (Designated Body) assessments.

Railway interoperability:  CE marking

We take care of the entire process to obtain the CE verification on railway mechatronic products, as well as the conformity assessment for the use of Interoperability constituents, and compliance with the Technical Specifications of Railway Interoperability (ETIs) within the framework of European Directive 2008/57 / EC. Read more>> 

Leedeo Engineering, the leading engineering in Spain to support railway signaling, rolling stock and civil work companies in compliance with the Railway Interoperability Technical Specifications through a NoBo (Notified Body) 

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Referents in Spain, international vocation

From Barcelona and Madrid, we cover all Spain needs, Europe and Latin American, helping companies in different technology sectors in the development of their projects. Contact us>> 

Outsourcing or turnkey projects

Outsourcing of specialists. Read more>>

Turnkey projects development from our offices.

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