RAMS Engineering

Engineering based on RAMS analysis is one of the technical methodologies that has the greatest interest and boom in recent years. Its use and implementation in the technical and quality departments, allows the design and analysis of the reliability, availability, maintainability, safety and risk of complex installations, products or systems and where different technical areas converge: mechanics, electricity, chemistry, electronics, software, etc.

Thus, RAMS engineering with its analysis and methodology seeks to analyze and predict qualitatively and quantitatively the ability of an installation or product to correctly perform the activity and functions for which it has been designed and manufactured. On the other hand, it defines and designs maintenance strategies (both preventive and corrective) on facilities or equipment, as well as failure modes, addressing the concepts of safety and risk in the latter.

Railway RAMS and ILS specialists

Leedeo Engineering has extensive experience in the development of RAMS studies and analysis within the railway sector with the application of CENELEC EN 50126, EN 50128, EN 50129, EN 50159 and EU 402/2013 (EU 2015/1136) CSM-RA .

Our expert RAMS pool allows our clients to be serviced with resident engineers or with turnkey projects, with the most competitive rates in the sector.

Specialized in RAMS Engineering and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS), experience in leading companies in the railway sector, methodology and rigor: contributing the best human capital to our clients' projects. 

  • Customized training in RAMS.
  • RAMS Safety Plan.
  • RAMS Engineering Training. Read more >> 
  • Certification of products with SIL level.
  • Development of maintenance plans and application manuals.
  • THR, definition of safety objectives.
  • Management, identification and traceability of safety requirements.
  • Risk analysis and identification and calculation of SIL level.
  • Risk Assessment and Management against changes in accordance with EU Regulation 402/2013.
  • Integrated Logistics Support, ILS.
  • Common Safety Methods - Communes Safety Methods, CSM-RA.
  • LCC (Life Cycle Cost) calculations. Specific LCC calculations for rolling stock according to UNILIFE - UNIDATA - UNIFE templates.
  • Reliability calculations (MTTFs / MTBFs) and availability with proprietary software tools including FTA.
  • Management of the PHA and Hazard Log.
  • FMECA elaboration.
  • Management, design and codification of critical rail software.
  • Design and execution of V&V activities (verification and validation).
  • Design and preparation of the safety study, Safety Case.
  • Management of the ISA Independent Evaluator to obtain the SIL level certificate.
  • Management of the AsBo (Risk Assessment Body) Independent Risk Evaluator to obtain the certification of safety studies according to the EU 402/2013 execution regulation.

Trust on Leedeo to develop your RAMS activities. Leedeo Engineering, service vocation, results orientation and cost efficiency. Working from Barcelona in RAMS projects from around the world.

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