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This is how we provide an added value to our clients 

Engineering Talent Agency

Outsourcing and Head Hunting of technical profiles

Our team of engineers accumulate experience in the leading companies in the most competitive sectors. A talent that our clients take advantage of to integrate it into their work teams to execute their most challenging projects. 

RAM and Safety projects 

We are integrated in the work team of our client to develop all the RAMS activities of a project, throughout its life cycle.   

We provide our client with a robust and studied technical proposal of the RAMS activities of any project so our client can achieve the project milestones on time and quality.

Experts in implementing regulations when changes apply: UE 402/2013

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Validation of Railway products, CE marking and Interoperability

Our clients trust us to manage and execute their validation processes, product testing, CE marking and Interoperability. 

When relying on Leedeo, our clients have a highly specialized team in the field, and allows them to release critical resources from their technical, quality and RAMS departments.

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Electromagnetic Compatibility

LEEDEO / CEMDAL, the Spanish reference in Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC). Our clients hire us to solve the compliance of EMC regulations, immunity, insulation, etc., of their mechatronic products. Technical consulting on electronic regulation is also offered. 

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European RED (Radio Equipment Directive) 2014/53/EU - IoT Systems 

As in the EMC, our clients hire us to provide them with our knowledge in radio frequency equipment and support them in product design, problem solving and compliance with the RED Directive for the CE marking of their product.

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