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LCC study for high speed train cabin component

Developed a life cycle cost study according to the UNILIFE UNIDATA templates of a critical component of the cabin of a high-speed train currently under development. With a duration of three weeks, we meet all the requirements and needs of the client of the LCC study.

#LCC, #railway, #high-speed, #unilife, #unidata

RAMS study according to regulation 402/2013 for the modification of a safety installation in the Spanish railway network

RAM and Safety analysis of the introduction of a modification in a railway signaling installation.

#RAMS, #402/2013, #Signalling, #Railway

RAMS study in accordance with CENELEC regulations for the inclusion of a new electronic interlocking signaling device

Development of the RAMS study according to the CENELEC EN 50126 standard for the inclusion of a new control component to the generic product of an electronic interlocking model.

#RAMS, #CENELEC, #Signalling, #Interlocking

RAMS Engineer Outsourcing in RAMS Department

One of Leedeo's RAMS engineers goes to work within the customer's RAMS department fully integrated into the work team.

#RAMS, #Outsourcing, #Talent

Talent Agency - RAMS Engineer

Search and selection of a RAMS engineer for a railway mobile material company.

#Recruiting, #Talent, #RAMS

RAMS Engineer Outsourcing in V&V Department

One of Leedeo's V&V engineers goes to work within the RAMS department responsible for the validation and verification of equipment.

#V&V, #Outsourcing, #Talent

Electromagnetic compatibility

Comprehensive study of EMC compliance of electric buses

Support an electric bus builder to overcome its problems at EMC by migrating the energy platform to electricity.

#Automotive, #electric-vehicle, #EMC

Laboratory use training

Provision of training for the use of measuring equipment in an electrical measurement and electromagnetic compatibility laboratory.

#Training, #in-house, #laboratory 

EMC laboratory support for the execution of electronic product tests

Support during the preparation, execution and writing of reports of the Electromagnetic Compatibility tests of an electronic product, ensuring success in the PASS of the tests.

#EMC, #electronics, #consultancy

Consulting for the design of a new electronic equipment from the point of view of the EMCs

Accompaniment from the beginning of the design project of a new electronic product to comply with the EMC regulations: radiated, conducted emissions and immunity.

 #EMC, #electronics, #design

Electrical design training for EMC

Development of a course in the client's house for designers of electronic systems and layout to improve their designs in the face of EMC problems.

 #Training, #in-house, #EMC

Product development

Generic and specific application engineering for Latin American rail signaling project

Development of the specific applications of an indoor SIL-4 railway signaling control and command equipment for a Latin American project.

#Railway, #Signalling, #Specific-Application

Development of the mechanical part of a railway product

Integrated in the R&D department, the Leedeo engineer was responsible for the 3D CAD design of the mechanical part, prototyping and generation of manufacturing documentation and verification of a railway product.

#Railway, #Mechanics, #CAD3D

Operation Control Centre (OCC) Tramway 

Update development of the expansion and modernization of a OCC in service in a Tranway installation in Spain.

#OCC, #Railway

Internet of Things (IoT) implementation of electronic rail equipment (track-side)

Hardware and software development of an IoT-based system of railway signaling equipment.

#railway, #IoT, #signalling

Test plans and product homologation

Homolgation of track detection system according to Interoperability Directive with NoBo, Verification "CE"

Accompaniment throughout the process to obtain the "CE" Verification of two safety wheel / train detection systems: definition, documentation, development of test tools, test execution and report.

#NoBo, #VerificaciónCE, #Interoperabilidad, #Railway

Comprehensive test plan for mechatronic equipment in the automotive sector

Designed a test plan for the execution of comprehensive tests of a mechatronic equipment for approval and acceptance internally by our client, as well as customer approval (German car manufacturer).

#test-plan, #electronics, #automotive

Railway product accreditation in accordance with ADIF regulations

Support throughout the process of accreditation of a SIL-4 railway signaling product according to the ADIF product accreditation process and against the Technical Specification. Comprehensive support throughout the process, including dialogue with the NoBo

#ADIF, #Acreditación-Producto, #DeBo, #ET

Support for product approval of railway signaling in the Middle East

Definition, execution and documentation of all type tests according to the requirements of the project for the approval of a railway signaling product for a Middle East project.

#Railway, #Signalling, #Homologation