Outsourcing Engineering Services

Leedeo Engineering, engineering outsourcing company, offers a service adjusted in cost and according to each client's need, providing the most appropriate professional profile in each project.

With a specialization in the areas of Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Electronic Engineering, Software Development, RAMS, Test and Validation, Operations and Technical Documentation, this business unit offers outsourcing services and has extensive experience in highly specialized sectors. Competitive as the automotive, railway, aeronautical, life-science or telecommunications sector.

Outsourcing Mechanical Engineering

  • Design and development of products in CAD / CAM 2D and 3D (Solidworks, Catia, Autocad, etc.)
  • Structural simulations and FEM / CFD
  • Construction documentation, manufacturing plans, installation and maintenance manuals
  • Automotive Headhunting Specialists

Outsourcing Electrical or Electronics Engineering

  • Development of electrical designs, wiring and elementary equipment (relays, fuses, etc.)
  • Development of electronic boards: design and layout (Altium, Mentor, etc.)
  • Validation of electrical and electronic systems: design of test and execution plan.
  • Constructive documentation, manufacturing plans, installation and maintenance manuals.

Outsourcing Software Development

  • Desktop and web application development
  • Embedded software development, firmware, including VHDL
  • Development of critical security software (SIL level according to CENELEC 50128 or ISO26262 standards)
  • Validation & Verification of software subsystems. SQA.
  • Software Test Engineer
  • Critical safety software for on-board systems

Outsourcing RAMS Engineering

  • Certification of products with SIL level
  • RAM analysis
  • CENELEC 50126, 50129, 50128
  • Risk Assessment and Management in accordance with EU implementing regulation 402/2013
  • LCC calculations
  • Risk management: PHA, Hazard Log
  • FMECA elaboration
  • Validation and Verification (V&V)

Outsourcing Test Engineer and Laboratory

  • Programming and automation. Test and Laboratory Tools
  • Laboratory setup design: instrumentation
  • Use of test tools: LABVIEW

Outsourcing Operations

  • Technical documentation
  • Supplier Management
  • Cost reduction
  • Procurement
  • Supply Chain

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The outsourcing services to companies, also called outsourcing of personnel or outsourcing of human resources, is a tool increasingly used by companies that seek a specialization of their work teams for a certain period of time but who, strategically decide, Do not lose control over your activities.

In this way, instead of subcontracting to a company certain services "turnkey" type, they decide to introduce within their technical teams professional profiles very specialized in a specific task or area and for a limited time, which allows them to develop successfully a corporate challenge (technical, management, etc.).

-The most flexible and efficient formula to temporarily expand your engineering team
- Without increasing the structural costs, our engineers move to their offices and work side by side with their engineering teams. Engineering outsourcing
- Allows you to have the best specialist in your company for a specific project or period
- Significant savings in human capital management costs, with only specialist professionals when they are really needed. No fixed structure costs

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