UNILIFE and UNIDATA of UNIFE tools for LCC calculation


The UNIFE (the European Rail Supply Industry Association) provides to its partners a set of software tools (worksheet or templates type) for LCC (Life Cycle Cost) calculation of rolling stock. These tools in template format are called UNIDATA and UNILIFE.


The most used tool for calculating LCC (Life Cycle Cost) of railway rolling stock

The International Society of Automation makes available to its partners a set of software tools (worksheet or templates type) for calculating -Life Cycle Cost- rolling stock. These tools in template format are called and .

Before the creation of the working group for the calculation of LCC of UNIFE, no international organization had tried to harmonize the different ways to calculate and present the LCC. Due to high complexity of this type of calculation, the result was that the conclusions presented by different companies or entities were not comparable between them, making it difficult, for example, an objective and real evaluation in a tender for the acquisition of a fleet of trains. Thanks to the introduction and the standardization of UNIDATA and UNILIFE, it has been possible to unify LCC calculation in railway rolling stock industry.

Using a standard work tool, the train manufacturer usually asks his/her technology providers for LCC calculation of the equipment they supply using these tools or templates.

The use of a unified strategy and software platform allows them to have, in a simple way, once consolidated all the information of the sub-equipment of their suppliers, the overall LCC result of the train.

Interpretation and calculation of the values requested in UNILIFE and UNIDATA templates is complex.

Leedeo Engineering supports manufacturers and technologists of equipment, parts and sub-assemblies for rolling stock in the development of data calculation and filling required in UNILIFE and UNIDATA templates.

The use of these tools is complex, and the data requested is not trivial. Therefore, suppliers of major train brands, will request our specialized services, to be able to provide that information that their customers will request via UNIFE and UNIDATA of LCC. This will be done in an agile way, with rigor and analysing the conditions of application in detail, looking for the maximization of the real competitiveness of the product (minimum LCC).  

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