Validation of railway product according to ADIF regulations


The accreditation/ validation of railway products in accordance with ADIF regulations is an approval process that has developed the railway infrastructure management in Spain to ensure safety, efficiency and sustainability in construction, maintenance and operation of the railway network under its management.

For the process of accreditation/ validation of ADIF railway products, the Technical Reference Specification (well-known E. T.) will be applied. associated to the product or service, document which sets the characteristics, tests and actions being necessary for its accreditation.

In all cases, the trials that will ensure compliance with E. T. must be carried out in laboratories accredited by ENAC (or equivalent state agencies within the scope of the EU), in agencies under The Spanish National Research Council (CSIC) or The Centre for Studies and Experimentation of Public Works (CEDEX). Finally, it is also very common to run a test at ADIF facilities (known as pilot tests).

Once all the corresponding tests have been developed, a certification body -also recognized by ENAC- will issue a report certifying that tests have been passed and the validity of the product regarding E. T. of reference.

Leedeo Engineering has created a department specialized in ADIF railway product accreditation/ validation processes. This department is responsible for implementation and development of the complete cycle of an accreditation process:

  • Specification of tests for compliance with E. T.
  • Consultancy on compliance with the E. T. of the product or the service.
  • Execution of pre-tests to confirm compliance with requirements, if necessary (cheaper non-ENAC laboratories with the possibility of adjusting and working on the equipment under test).
  • Execution of official tests in ENAC laboratories.
  • Generating reports and documentation (reporting).
  • Delivery and integral management with the Accreditation Entity on behalf of the customer.
  • Installation and commissioning of the equipment in pilot tests.
  • Delivery and arrangements with Railway Administration ADIF on behalf of the customer.

Thus, our customers should only prepare the equipment or the samples to pass the tests and Leedeo will take care of the entire process, even if necessary, outsourcing of laboratories, ENAC laboratories and the accrediting entity.

For less than 15% of the total cost* of subcontracting an accreditation process, Leedeo carries out the integral management and execution of all activities, ensuring success of the process and freeing up internal resources of our clients.

*average cost of ENAC laboratories and the accrediting entity

It is also important to highlight strong background that Leedeo has regarding techniques and analysis of mechatronic equipment in Electromagnetic Compatibility, which is one of the most rigorous and demanding test groups to satisfy.

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